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When I qualified in 1985 the materials we had to use were quite limited.  Fillings at the back of your mouth were largely done with silver amalgam and occasionally gold.  Crowns were mostly porcelain bonded to a metal substructure or gold.  Today the materials used in NHS dentistry are little different, even though materials have changed dramatically in that time.  We now have an array of strong white filling materials that are bonded to the tooth.  We have all porcelain crowns, doing away with cheap metal substructures or gold alternatives.  These are produced with cad/cam technology so the accuracy can be superb as well as the appearance.  These can also be bonded on to the tooth creating an incredibly strong unit.  I could go on as there have been so many developments over the years.

How many industries would continue, or would survive, with superceded products?

Part of the enjoyment of working in any field is the opportunity of embracing change, being stuck in the 1980’s cannot be good for anybody’s sanity.  I enjoy being able to be as up to date as possible and provide my patients with the best that is available.


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BDS (Bristol) GDC No. 60458 Dickon qualified form Bristol University in 1985. He initially worked at the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead before moving in to general practice. He has worked at a number of practices in Sussex as well as owning one in Cuckfield for a number of years. For the last 12 years he has worked at a Dental Practice in Steyning.
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