Care for Anxious / Nervous Dental Patients

I would imagine that there are many nervous dental patients – in fact most patients to some extent, so you are not alone. Consequently we are used to treating nervous dental patients.

The practice will be very welcoming to you. Dickon will spend time assessing your needs and helping you to gain confidence. All treatment will be carried out with great care and give you whatever time you need. Dickon will always discuss with you any treatment that is required and be understanding of the difficulties you face.

I would hope that you would soon gain confidence and feel much more at ease.

Never feel ‘silly’ about being a nervous patient

We understand that many patients have had bad experiences previously, often with the school dentist.  We will do our utmost to ensure that your experience with us is very different.  We are extremely patient so there is absolutely no need to feel you are making a fuss or being ‘silly’.  Many nervous patients have worried about this but we will never get cross or annoyed with you.  We will work with you to give you the ability to work with us.

If you would like to visit us for a complementary chat to discuss how you feel, and to check out that this is how you will be treated, please call the practice on 01273 553317.  We will welcome the opportunity to meet you and work together.

For further information about caring for nervous patients please visit the Dental Health Foundation website

Is dental treatment as bad as you think?

I have treated 100’s of patients who have developed ideas about how horrible their dental treatment is going to be.  Often this has been fuelled by others.  I have found in so many cases that they get to the end of treatment are cannot believe that it was as easy as it was.  They may still not like the idea of treatment but it never is as bad again.


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