Gum Disease

Gum disease can occur with very little warning and is very common. By the time you realise something is going wrong it may already be too late and teeth may be unsaveable or have limited prognosis. If you have any bleeding, teeth that are mobile or teeth that have moved position, it is possible that you have some degree of gum disease. Often there are no signs of gum disease at all. Dickon will check your gum health throughout your mouth and, depending on his findings, will give you advice as to what can be done or simply reassure you that everything is fantastic.

Mouth Cancer

Unlike gum disease, mouth (oral) cancer is extremely rare, thankfully. However it does happen and, if it does, it can often be treated. The treatment is much more successful if treated early. If you have any lumps, white patches, unusual marks, ulcers that don’t heal or anything else that you are concerned about in or around your mouth, then Dickon will be happy to give advice as to whether any treatment is required. Even if you are not aware of any suspicious marks etc, Dickon will check your whole mouth if you would like to be reassured that all is well.

If you would like Dickon to carry out these checks, please call the practice for an appointment on 01273 553317.

This is a free service. Dickon will check your whole mouth both for gum problems and oral cancer.

There is no need to take up any other services.

For further information about gum disease go to my gum disease page.  If you are worried about oral (mouth) cancer please visit the British Dental Health Foundation website and come and see us.

Mouth Cancer Risk Factors

The most important risk factors are:

Smoking tobacco (roll-ups especially) or chewing tobacco/ betel nut

Alcohol (especially spirits and wine)

Smoking combined with regular alcohol consumption increases the risks dramatically

The good news is that giving up smoking starts to reduce the risk level immediately and after about 10 years your risk is no more than a non-smoker.  First indications are that vaping reduces your risk to almost that of a non-smoker but it is early days on that one!



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