First Dental Examination at Brighton & Hove Dentist, Dickon Adams Dental

The dental examination is not just about looking at your teeth.  We look at your whole mouth and even areas outside your mouth!

Your first dental examination will include all of the following:

  • Mouth Cancer Check* – see what we do at the Mouth Aware website
  • Tooth Check*– for cavities, fractured teeth, cracked teeth, broken fillings and other tooth problems
  • Gum Check* – to check for gum disease and your tooth cleaning
  • Gum Disease / Tooth Decay Risk Assessment*
  • Jaw Joint Assessment – to check for any problems to do with your jaw joints and muscles
  • Bite Assessment – to check for any problems in how your teeth meet and slide around
  • Tooth Wear* – caused by grinding, over-brushing or too much acid in your mouth
  • Mouth Dryness*
  • X-Rays as necessary* to detect cavities, abscesses, gum problems and other unseen problems

Your regular examination will include all * items.

We only take x-rays when it is felt they are necessary to help with diagnosis and their use is kept to as few and as infrequently as possible.


Creating a Treatment Plan

Based on your initial dental examination a comprehensive treatment plan will be created, from which personalised advice can be given as to how things can be improved for the future. There are often several options available regarding types of treatment and these will all be discussed fully with you.

We will, depending on our findings, give you a timescale as to how often you need to be seen.  A recommended programme for further examinations and hygienist visits will be discussed.

On occasion it may be necessary to make a further appointment to discuss suggested treatment options.

We will always endeavour to tailor your treatment to what is best for you.  You will be involved in this process to ensure that you are happy with what is proposed throughout your treatment.


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