Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to really alter your appearance permanently. It can really make lifeless, darkened teeth in to fabulously bright and white teeth. Your teeth say so much about you, so having lovely bright teeth can really enhance your smile and your whole persona.

Image of teeth before tooth whitening

Tooth whitening before treatment (1)

There are many different systems for teeth whitening. They all work to a certain extent. We use Boutique Whitening (Either wearing whitening trays for 1 hour each day or overnight) at a great price of £320.  Generally we ask you to where the trays every day / night for 2 weeks although if a large change is required this might need to be longer.

Many systems may wow you with the technology involved but in all honesty much is just gimmick.

What really matters is that the teeth whitening gels work well.  In the past many ‘immediate whitening’ systems eg laser whitening, used high concentration solutions.  These were effective but often made the teeth extremely uncomfortable for a few days.  The system we use has been developed to produce the effects at lower concentrations and at neutral ph (most are very acidic) and also includes desensitisers in the product.

We have had some fantastic results.  in my opinion, for the price, this is one of the best tooth whitening systems available.

Image of teeth following tooth whitening

Image of teeth following tooth whitening treatment

It will be necessary for us to give you a brief examination to check that teeth whitening is in your best interest.  Also we need to be sure that there are not more pressing dental issues that need sorting out first.  However you are under no obligation to become a regular patient or to have a full examination. FREE ASSESSMENT for whitening available.

Click on https://www.bda.org/public/whitening to see what the British Dental Association says about tooth whitening.