Dickon has worked closely with several qualified orthodontists. He believes that orthodontics is a specialist field.  Orthodontists spend a number of years training to be qualified. Dickon will refer anybody requiring this service to a specialist orthodontist who can advise on the most appropriate treatment; whether that be fixed appliances (train track braces), invisible braces, fast braces or lingual (fixed braces stuck to the inside of teeth).

Some cases are treatable with invisible braces (Invisalign) within the practice. This would be carried out by another dentist.

It is no longer a treatment just for children.  Many adult patients elect to have orthodontics, especially if they missed the opportunity when they were a child.  There are now a number of options available.  These may make the treatment more acceptable to anybody not wanting braces to be seen.

Dickon will be happy to discuss the various options available to you before you even decide on getting a specialist opinion.

Orthodontics is not just about creating beautiful smiles. It is often used alongside other treatments.  If we need to create space for a crown or implant, it may be necessary to undergo orthodontics first so that we can get an excellent result.