If a number of teeth are lost, dentures (plates) can be used to fill the gaps. Loose / uncomfortable dentures can often be improved upon with better fitting ones. In many cases a metal based denture can be provided which is held in by remaining teeth and so can feel much more secure. Implants can be used in many cases to provide additional support.

Great care is taken to ensure that metal/acrylic bases are made to fit in with any remaining teeth and with the correct bite.  Constructing dentures well can be extremely difficult.  Dickon has a vast experience of treating an array of cases – both easy and difficult.  He will spend as much time as it takes to get things right for you.

False teeth can be made to look as natural as possible.  Individual variations can be put in to a denture to make thet teeth look how yours used to.  We want you to feel confident  and will do what we can to ensure this.

A number of appointments are usually required to make the teeth.  Dickon will work closely with the dental laboratory to ensure that all your requirements are met, where possible.

Sometimes we use a temporary denture following an extraction to allow the bone and gums to heal prior to a bridge or implant.  Following a period of a few months it may be possible to have a bridge or implant.

If you have a plate made to replace teeth as they are extracted, it may well be necesssary to supply a further, permanent denture once everything has healed and your bones and gums have changed shape.

Dickon will be happy to discuss any issues you have before deciding on the best treatment option for you.