Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial root on which a crown, bridge or denture can be secured.

Denatl implants must be one of the most important developments in dentistry in recent years.

They are now so predictable and successful. They can be used to resolve many dental problems. In previous years solutions may have been extremely difficult or destructive to other teeth.

Dickon works closely with Nick Cooper who works alongside Dickon at Matlock Road and also The Implant Centre in Hove, who are both truly first class in providing the surgical work necessary. Dickon will often carry out the restorative part of the treatment (crown, bridge or denture) in conjunction with Nick / The Implant Centre.

If a tooth needs extracting it is sometimes possible to place an implant at the time of extraction.  This makes it even easier for the patient.  Once the implant is firm in the bone, the crown can be made and the tooth is as good as new.  If there is infection present, the implant may have to be placed once the bone has healed and the infection has cleared up.

One of the latest developments in implants is with full dentures.  The denture sits on about four implants.  The fit between the denture and the implants is so precise that the denture just does not move.  If you have a loose denture this treatment option may be for you.

Dickon will assess your situation.  He will discuss all of the options with you.  If dental implants are a possible solution you will be referred to Nick Cooper or the Implant Centre for a surgical opinion.