How to avoid dental treatment (Prevention)

“Prevention is better than cure”

Prevention is one of the best parts of dentistry. One of the greatest pleasures in dentistry is getting people’s mouths healthy. However, it is also wonderful to keep them that way.

This is what preventative dentistry is all about, helping patients avoid dental treatment.

Dickon takes pride in helping people to maintain their healthy mouth and preventing further problems. As such prevention forms a consistent part of regular examinations – making sure that, once healthy, as little active treatment as possible is necessary.

Image of happy tooth

What does prevention in dentistry mean?

Preventative dentistry is all about how you look after your mouth.  Is your cleaning good enough?  Is your diet affecting how many cavities you get? Is your toothpaste ok?  Is your bite causing you to damage your teeth or restorations?  These are all things that will be considered.  Often one small change can lead to significant improvements and help you avoid dental treatment in the future.

From the first moment that you arrive at the practice we will be checking how you look after your mouth.  If there are any causes for concern we will start to help you to find what can be done to help you.

The Wonders of the Toothbrush!

The most common area that can be helped is toothbrushing.  This will help both the gums and the teeth.  Surprisingly perhaps, most people are generally not very good at it! Getting toothbrushing right will stop numerous problems.  Consequently we will spend time, along with our hygienists, getting this right.   We are aware that you might feel a bit silly cleaning your teeth in front of somebody, but little changes can make a big difference. We always recommend that patients use Oral B rotary toothbrushes.  The improvements that we have seen in patients, when they transfer to one, have been immense.  Some people do not like the sensation initially, but the change is worth it.  Some people manage well with manual brushes – so that’s fine also.

No 1 Tip

Another important tip is not rinsing out after brushing your teeth.  If you do, all of the great things that you are paying for in your toothpaste are washed down the plug hole!  They need to stay around your teeth for as long as possible to have the required effect.  This alone can result in fewer cavities, if you are using a fluoride containing toothpaste.

So dentistry is not just about filling cavities and repairing teeth but also stopping things going wrong.  We really enjoy being able to do this.  I recommend Oral B Proexpert toothpaste to almost all my patients as I believe it is one of the best toothpastes for preventing dental problems.

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